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A rare perfume collection like no other. With a focus on the finest of ingredients that embodies quality, originality, history and sensuality. Precious roses of Bulgaria delicately picked by hand. From the mould of amber wood one of the most expensive and rare fragrance ingredients is extracted. Through an ancestral process of preparing the wood, oud appears, in all its rich and deep facets. Elegantes London has been travelling across the ocean to Haïti, to find the most noble and sustainable quality of vetiver. From this tropical soil, grows the most facetted vetiver. Incense, the ultimate perfume ingredient. Also called olibanum, this gum-resin is harvested in the horn of Africa, like tears leaking from the tree. Olibanum is better when collected in autumn, revealing its pale shade of white. Twice the price of gold, Iris, called orris in perfumery, needs patience and care to deliver its refined powdery notes. The rhizome, the only part used in perfumery, requires 6 years of preparation: three years growing underground, three years in the stove. To produce 1kg of absolute, 40,000 plants of iris are involved. Tobacco absolute, one of the rarest ingredients of perfumery. Having grown in the Southern part of Europe, the tobacco leaf yields notes of honey and leather in its golden absolute. A scent for audacious connoisseurs only.
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