Amber Incense
Amber Incense
The wonderful originality of this perfume is that it plays on contrasts. Clean versus ambery/animalic, fragile versus solid, smoky versus resinous. It starts with a strong, incense top note, airy, clean, spiritual that is pushed by a clean aldehyde giving a mineral impression, as well as laurel leaf. It is immediately followed though by a smokier, burnt facet of the incense, pushed by leathery notes and the warmth of pimento berry. Then comes the resinous and wrapping notes of myrrh, cistus labdanum, olibanum resin and sandalwood.
The Notes
Amber Incense Notes

Top Notes: Mineral Accord, Laurel Leaf Oil LMR, Pimento Berry Oil LMR

Middle Notes: Geranium, Olibamun Oil, Orris Resinoid

Base Notes: Amber, Leather, Cistus Abs LMR

The Flacon
Flacon Male
The perfume itself is housed in a specially designed and handblown flacon created in the shape of a black quartz monolith

Each flacon can be refilled or even turned into candlesticks.
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