Amber Incense
Amber Incense
A bewitching blend of contrasting ingredients speaks to those that are soft on the surface, yet a little rebellious at heart. On one side it’s fragile with the mineral accords and comforting geranium. On the other it’s strong, and smoky – drawn from the amber and leather base notes. Together the juxtaposition of the elements blends into a wonderful original aroma, quite like no other.
The Notes
Amber Incense Notes

Top Notes: Mineral Accord, Laurel Leaf Oil LMR, Pimento Berry Oil LMR

Middle Notes: Geranium, Olibamun Oil, Orris Resinoid

Base Notes: Amber, Leather, Cistus Abs LMR

The Flacon
Flacon Male
The perfume itself is housed in a specially designed and handblown flacon created in the shape of a black quartz monolith

Each flacon can be refilled or even turned into candlesticks.
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