Oud Exquisite
Oud Exquisite
This scent is rare, exotic and distinctive. It is created using oud, one of the rarest and most precious ingredients. Oriental leather gives way to the smoky blend of rare oud wood to reveal the most exquisite perfume in the collection.
The Notes
Oud Exquisite Notes

Top Notes: Ambrette ABS, Bergamot Oil, Saffron

Middle Notes: Bakhoor Smoky Accord, Lily of the Valley, Cedarwood Oil Virginia

Base Notes: Ambertonic, Sandalwood Oil Album LMR, Oud Oil LMR

The Flacon
Flacon Male
The perfume itself is housed in a specially designed and handblown flacon created in the shape of a black quartz monolith

Each flacon can be refilled or even turned into candlesticks.
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