Ultimate Musk
Ultimate Musk
A contemporary interpretation on the classical floral musk, this perfume is fresh, elegant and charming. Featuring a unique blend of citrus and linen accord, the white flowers at the heart make it the perfect complement to summer in the city. At the base discover hints of vetiver and golden amber intertwined with patchouli. Ultimate Musk is a experience filled with freshness, warmth and a touch of sensuality.
The Notes
Ultimate Musk Notes

Top Notes: Lemon, Linen Accord

Middle Notes: White Flowers, Musk, Tonka Beans

Base Notes: Vetiver, Amber Xtreme, Patchouli

The Flacon
Flacon Female
The perfume itself is housed in a specially designed and handblown flacon. The shape of which is reminiscent of the swirling skirts of an haute couture ball gown.

Each flacon can be refilled or even turned into candlesticks.
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